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Does ZUVOLO store my personal data? The only data we store for the lifetime of your membership are the details you provide when registering a ZUVOLO account. We store other data only while it is needed and relevant such as friends and status updates. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest and is not shared with third parties in any way. We don't even use it to do unscrupulous things like selling you things you don't need or influencing your voting behaviour - perhaps we're missing a trick!!

What about my location, do you track me all the time? We do not track you and we take your privacy very seriously. When you start an activity you choose to share your current location and status with your friends. This data is stored only for the lifetime of that activity and does not include personal data beyond mapping values such as user ID. You can also choose to appear as an anonymous user in the same way.

Who can see me on the map? Only the people in your friends list can see you on the map. Your friends can only see you on the map if you have started an activity by tapping on the ‘Z’ button. You choose when you would like to share your location with your friends and can start and stop sharing at anytime you like. Friends of friends can only see you as an anonymous user. Remember, as soon as you stop your activity you will disappear from the map and your location is no longer visible to anyone.

Why can I see other people on the map that are not in my friends list? These are anonymous users and they are a friend of one of your friends. You’ll notice we don’t provide details of the anonymous user but you can see which of your friends they are related to.

ZUVOLO seems to use more battery compared to something like Find My Friends? Unlike Find My Friends or similar apps, ZUVOLO uses near realtime location updates to provide the best possible experience for both you and your buddies. Depending on the age of your device, battery usage will vary. Our tests show that you can expect to use approximately 7-8% per hour if you are currently in an activity.

Why do I sometimes see a friend with a grey badge? This is a clever feature of ZUVOLO! When you see a friend with a grey badge, it means they have not been able to send a location update for 3 to 5 minutes. They could be in a blackspot with no network connection for example. The grey icon represents their last known position. Their grey icon will remain on the map for up to 3 hours at which point it will be removed from the map. Once they move out of the blackspot you’ll see them appear in the correct location with their normal badge and all is fine again. It’s very clever stuff you know! By the way, if you force quit the app (double tap your iPhone home button and flick up on ZUVOLO) before stopping your activity, your friends will still see you on the map with a grey icon again. So don't forget to stop your activity when you are finished!

When do I receive notifications? You will receive notifications on your device when a friend starts and stops an activity. Currently you can control whether you want to receive notifications through your device Settings. You will receive all or none. In the future we will make it possible for you to decide which notifications you will receive.

What's the big red button for? If you are in trouble, like a puncture, or a car breakdown, or a personal injury, or some other incident that requires Help, just press the 'Z' button and select the Help option (the big red button). Currently all of your friends will receive a notification that you require help. In the future we will make it possible for you to control who exactly will receive these notifications. Feel free to add a marker to the map and provide more information when Help is required. The cavalry need as much information as possible! When you no longer need help just tap the button again....simple!

Do you have any other tips for me?
Funny you should ask that!

Information Panel
If you tap on a user icon you will see a panel of information at the top of the screen showing how fast a user is travelling and how far away from you they currently are.

To place a marker just press & hold on the screen and you can choose from six different types.

Live List

There is a Live list showing which of your friends are currently active on the map. Selecting a user from the live list will take you directly to the map and shows you where they are currently located.

Markers List

There is a list of all your live markers, selecting one from the markers list will take you straight to its location on the map.

Friends Direction
When a user is moving you can see their direction of travel. When they have stopped, the directional arrow will disappear.

Have some more questions? Please use the feedback button from within the app. Ask us anything and tell us what you think. We want ZUVOLO to work for you.

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